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  • bistic@um.ac.id
  • Universitas Negeri Malang

System Acceptance and Selection Paper

·       Participants upload article manuscripts through the BISTIC 2023 official website via www.bistic.fe.um.ac.id

·       Manuscripts submitted will be sorted according to eligibility criteria for basic requirements and suitability for the topic by the article publication division.

·       Manuscripts declared inadequate and not following the theme will be rejected and returned to the author.

·       The article publication division checks manuscript plagiarism.

·       The review results are sent back to the article publication division to be forwarded, and the plagiarism results are sent to the author.

·       Manuscripts that are declared eligible to meet all the requirements and suitability of the topic will then be reviewed by the international scientific committee according to the field of expertise and get an LoA

·       The results of the manuscripts that have been reviewed and recommendations will be written on the review form. In contrast, the review’s main points are novelty, content, originality, and grammar.

·       Authors must make improvements and adjustments to their articles following the results of a review carried out by the international scientific committee and the results of plagiarism before the specified deadline. Suppose the author does not send it back or correct the manuscript according to the reviewer’s directions and does not make changes when exposed to plagiarism. In that case, the article will not be processed further (rejected).

·       The author’s revised manuscript is sent back to the previous reviewer by the article publication team to obtain verification of the revised manuscript.

·       Manuscripts that have been verified will be internally edited (smoothing and laying out) according to the proceeding template by the article publication team.

·       Manuscripts that have undergone internal editing will be sent to the publisher for proofreading and final editing.

·       Manuscripts presented.

·       Manuscript published.