Publication Policies

1. Original Work.

2. Have done check for plagiarism (plagiarism free) by the Author.

3. Never been published or accepted for any publication in other conference.

4. Never been submitted in another conference for concurrent publication or being considered for publication in any event or interests.

The Consequences for cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and other forms of academic dishonesty can be very serious, possibly including suspension or legal action. Copyright laws are absolute. One cannot use another person’s material without citation and reference. An author has the right to sue a plagiarist.


Registration and login are required to submit items online (on important dates) before uploaded in submission, it is one requirement for the next step journey of your paper before entering the review process. Important and highly recommended that you can adjust the format immediately before uploading in submission.


Papers must be written in English. The language of the paper should be very comprehensible and moulded in proper syntax. Do not use any slang or jargon. Abbreviations and acronyms should be clearly defined when they are first introduced in the text.

Length of Paper

The total length of the paper must NOT exceed 8 pages, following the format of the full paper template. The 8 pages paper includes all references, tables, figures, and so on. If your paper consists of more than 8 pages in total, automatically will be rejected.

Paper Format

Manuscripts must be prepared using Microsoft Word (version 2007 or 2016 above), and follow the template of full paper as can be downloaded.

Presentation Video Guidelines

Presentation video should be in a video format (mp4 or avi) The max file size and time length, though, are 300mb and 8 minutes. The resolution of the video is 720p with landscape framing. You may to edit your video digitally if that suit to your presentation model.